Submit volunteer application, in person, or through the mail. It is also possible to contact John Kennedy or Tammie Johnson at (812) 723-7112.

You should bring the full name of the person on the certificate, date of death of person on certificate, your relation to the person, reason for need, your signature, phone number, and address, and ten dollars in cash or $11.50 through debit or credit. We do not accept checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should bring your driverís license or state I.D., and cash payment of ten dollars. The health department does accept debit or credit payments, but with a service charge. We do not accept checks. We will also need the birth name and date, fatherís name, motherís maiden name, how you are related to the person on the certificate (if not inquiring about your own), reason for need, your signature, address, and phone number. We only have access to certificates for those born in Orange County.

What do I need to have prepared, in order to receive my birth certificate?

What do I need to bring to receive a death certificate?

How do I volunteer?

Click here for contact information, map, and directions to our treatment center (this link will only be available in the event of an emergency.)

In the case of emergency, where do I take my family for vaccinations, antibiotics, etc.

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Phone: (812) 723-7117

Fax: (812) 723-7112


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